Public deliverables

D6.01 Dissemination Plan

Executive Summary

The Dissemination Plan (D.6.1) is produced as part of the activities of Work Package 6 “Dissemination, exploitation and standardisation”. It is a public document which will be made available on the project website, in the "Download" section, for external parties interested in the dissemination of UMOBILE project. This document is marked as Milestone MS12 in the DOW (Description of Work).

As stated in the DoW, the objectives of the UMOBILE work package 6 “Dissemination, exploitation and standardisation”, related to the dissemination activities, are:

  • To widely disseminate the project concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field in an interactive way, integrating their feedback at key points of the specification, design, development and evaluation work.
  • To develop a project dissemination and communication strategy.
  • To develop an user friendly website to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about the project.
  • To organize and/or publish results in international conferences and workshops to inform the scientific community about the project, its goals and achievements and to gather valuable information on related issues.

Through this dissemination plan, WP6 intends to facilitate the achievement of the mentioned goals.

The document describes the dissemination activities that have been achieved during the first six months of the project (February 2015 - July 2015), and provides an outline of what is planned for the next months (August 2015 - January 2018). An overview is given of all dissemination opportunities identified through traditional communication channels such as events attendance, project publications and project presentations, complemented by online activities based on the project Website, and on the main social platforms.

Collaboration with related projects carried out by some of the partners will be established and will create synergies in the dissemination of UMOBILE as a part of the international projects focusing on information centric networking technology (ICN) and delay tolerant network (DTN). Details are described in D.1.2 "External Liaison Overview".

D2.01. End-User Requirements Report

Executive Summary

This document covers user requirements for the UMOBILE architecture, from the perspective of the end users. The goal is to ensure that there is an alignment on DTN as well as ICN requirements for end users, in order to support information or data-­‐centricity. The mentioned requirements shall be integrated in the protocol stack located in end user devices and eventually, customer premises equipment. As the Birst step and in the context of task 2.1, the UMOBILE consortium has been discussing typical accessibility scenarios and requirements in different environments, namely, urban, remote and disaster areas. The project has analysed assumptions and requirements, as well as related literature, and technology. A key focus relates to the applicability of social interaction, derived from contacts between citizens not necessarily acquainted, and how different applications and services will see and perceive different user requirements.



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