Dissemination resources

All documents, presentations and videos from dissemination events

UMOBILE presentation - Keyword-Based Mobile Application Sharing Framework (KEBAPP)

UMOBILE presentation during Multi-Service Networks Workshop on 7 July 2016, Cosener’s House, by UCL

UMOBILE presentation - Native Content Distribution through Off-Path Content Discovery

UMOBILE presentation during ICNRG on July 2016, Berlin, by UCL

UMOBILE presentation - Information-Centric Connectivity (ICCON)

UMOBILE presentation during ICNRG on January 2016, Paris, by UCL

UMOBILE Presentation - Revisiting Resource Pooling The Case for In-Network Resource Sharing

UMOBILE presentation during Open ICN Workshop, Waseda, Tokyo, 30th Oct 2015, by UCL

UMOBILE Presentation - Congestion control based on In-network resource pooling

UMOBILE presentation during ICNRG on July 2015, Prague, by UCL

UMOBILE presentation - PerSense Mobile Light

Presentation "PerSense Mobile Light" by Senception

UMOBILE presentation - WWIC 2016

Presentation "Buffering... energy for mobile devices: A "store and rendezvous" approach" of DUTH during WWIC 2016

UMOBILE presentation - Bulk Data Transfers through an Airline Delay-Tolerant Network

Presentation "Bulk Data Transfers through an Airline Delay-Tolerant Network" of Christina M. Malliou, Nikolaos Bezirgiannidis, Vassilis Tsaoussidis of DUTH

UMOBILE presentation - WWIC 2015

UMOBILE presentation during WWIC 2015 by DUTH

UMOBILE poster of Cloudrone

UMOBILE poster of Cloudrone presented by UCAM.

UMOBILE presentation - ExpoEmergenze 2016

UMOBILE presentation during ExpoEmergenze 2016, on 3-5 June in Italy, the biennial national exhibition, showcase of excellence for the emergency and security sector.

UMOBILE Press Release - 18/6/2015


UMOBILE video - COPELABS Openday event

Video describing one of the applicability scenarios of UMOBILE architecture: microblogging. The video has been disseminated at the COPELABS Openday event on June 18th, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

UMOBILE poster - COPELABS Openday event

UMOBILE poster presented at the COPELABS Openday event on June 18th, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

UMOBILE abstract - COPELABS Openday event

UMOBILE description disseminated at the COPELABS Openday event on June 18th, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

UMOBILE presentation - Net Futures 2015 Conference

UMOBILE Project Coordinator, Prof. Tsaousidis, presented UMOBILE project in the concertations meetings (concertation meeting) of Net Futures 2015 Conference (Net Futures 2015) on 25/3/15.

UMOBILE presentation - SITI meeting

UMOBILE presentation during SITI meeting on Feb 19th, 2015



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