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WP4 Contacts

  • WP leader: Rute Sofia (
  • Task 4.1 - Providing different levels of QoS and flow control, M6-M30 - UCAM (Liang); PARTNERS: UCAM, DUTH, UCL
  • Task 4.2 - Data collection and contextual inference, M6-M30 - Senception (Rute); PARTNERS: Senception, AFA, DUTH
  • Task 4.3 - Name-based replication priorities - UCL (Ioannis); PARTNERS: UCL, Senception

WP4 Meetings


The main objective of WP4 is to enhance the UMOBILE architecture in terms of QoS/QoE and enable solutions that take advantage of the unique features of the developed architecture. This WP will use the architecture developed during WP3 to provide a set of services. Goals:

  • O4.1: To enable services which fully exploit the inherent opportunistic nature of communications.
  • O4.2: To enable the “Internet” experience as many people know it, with apps such as the Web, e-mail. Challenge: intermittent connectivity and/or adjusting to QoE.
  • O4.3: to develop mechanisms for processing of sensor data through context understanding.
  • O4.4: to provide different levels of QoS depending on the needs of each user/network ranging from less-than-best-effort to guaranteed services.

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